Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School

At 9:50 am during the fall, winter, and spring, we offer various Sunday School classes for all ages. Adult Sunday School classes are divided into different topics, and children through youth are divided into different age levels. College students are welcome to attend the college class or one of our adult Sunday School classes.

If you would like to download the notes from Bob Lloyd’s Sunday School class in Spring 2019 on the Holy Spirit, CLICK HERE


Inviting All Parents…

New parents, experienced parents, single parents, step parents, foster parents, future parents,

You are invited to join us for an engaging and challenging class this fall during the Sunday School hour. Over the years, we have found that life change happens best in community. With that in mind, SSBC will be hosting FamilyLife’s Art of Parenting™ Small Group Series. This 17-week, video-based study is designed to not only help parents find new ways to integrate faith into everyday parenting moments, but also to create an environment where moms and dads can shoulder burdens together, celebrate breakthroughs, and relate to one another’s day to day parenting journey. Please join us on Sunday mornings for this challenging series that will help us aim our children's hearts toward God. Please register through the link below.

Art of Parenting Registration