Club 56 (5th-6th Grade)

club 56 (1).jpg

Club 56 meets throughout the school year and will start up again on Wednesday, September 4. Come join us!

Sanctuary Building, Room 102

6:30-8:00 Wednesdays

Club 56 is specifically for 5th and 6th grade kids.

Club 56’s big picture goal is to build a strong foundation in each person so that they will know and obey the Lord Jesus their whole life.  This unique group is designed for team building thinking so the kids have a strong sense of identity with one another, for learning how to study and memorize the Word of God so that they can feed themselves and develop the fear of God, and for directly reaching out to others in need in our community and world.  Often this group visits others and goes out together in a very simple hands on approach.  

Rich and Angie make it a goal to develop care and learning in a very fun environment. Club 56 has a good time every week as Christ is glorified!