Children's Church

Children Church meets every Sunday with the exception of all 5th Sunday’s of any given month in the Educational Building during 2nd service.

Children 3-4 yrs old (Preschool) and 5-7 yrs old (Elementary) are welcome to attend.

We hope to encourage children to know God in a real way through lessons, songs, skits, art, and by our example. We use the "Show Me Jesus" curriculum which cycles every two years. We learn the following throughout each cycle:

Preschool                                                              Elementary                                       

God Created All Things                                                                       Living Together

Jesus is God’s Son                                                                              Loving Jesus

Jesus is the Savior                                                                             Studying God’s Word

God Keeps His Promises                                                                  Growing in God

God Leads His People                                                                      Obeying God

Living in God’s Family                                                                       Knowing Jesus

Jesus is God                                                                                     Serving God

Serving the Savior                                                                            Pleasing God